Get your T-shirts, cases and stickers. We’re on Redbubble!

cars_bicycleWe’re excited to announce that The Melody Book designs are now available for print on Redbubble!
You can find your favorite animal characters, city vehicles and music instruments on our Redbubble online store and have them printed on T-shirts, cases, bags, notebooks, blanket covers, stickers and many more.


If you are not familiar with, we recommend visiting their website and browsing through thousands of great artwork and designs. The search, checkout and delivery process is simple and you could have one of our fun jazzy designs on its way to you in a matter of minutes.


To make things even sweeter, we’d like to offer a FREE promo code to any one of our apps for every purchase of The Melody Book clothing items on Redbubble. Just email us or message via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter as soon as you checkout.


We hope you visit our new Redbubble page. If you do, please send us your feedback, and let us know if there are any designs you would like us to add.


Wishing you a happy Autumn season,

The Melody Book Team