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Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a homeschooling parent, lesson planning is an important first step in effective instruction. It helps in organizing materials, content and time for your classes. Most importantly, lesson planning helps to clarify the learning objective for both the teacher and the students.There are many ways in which our musical apps can be used to teach students. These may vary based on student age, size of class, time constrictions and more.
In our efforts to help educators as they prepare to teach, we’ve created a Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide with lesson plans using our apps.

Our lessons will:

info_globe Expose your students to music and culture from countries all over the world.
info_camerasChallenge your students to be creative.
info_learn Develop your students’ group working and presentation skills.
info_cat Expand your students’ knowledge and appreciation of music.
We promise to keep expanding and improving this important tool. Please send us questions, concerns and general feedback in the Contact section or email us at: info@theMelodyBook.comThe Melody Book Team