Elementary Music/Geography/Social studies Lesson plan #1

Target age – 6-8 (1st and 2nd grade)

Lesson time – 45 minutes, can also be split into two 45 minute lessons.

Materials – An iPad for each pair in class, with Jazzy World Tour iOS app installed.


Objective :

The students will be introduced to countries around the world through technology music, food, animals and culture.

Students will be able to locate each of the 10 countries on the map page of the Jazzy World Tour app in addition to recognizing each country’s flag.

Students will be able to recognize music instruments from different countries by sound.


Lesson plan:

*Teachers should take time to familiarize themselves with the Jazzy World Tour app in order to better facilitate the lesson.

1. Ask the kids to list names of different countries that they know.

2. Ask the kids if they have ever traveled anywhere outside of their country. If time allows, share some travel experiences.

3. Tell the kids that together with the jazzy cats, they will be exploring and learning about different countries around the world.

  • Divide the students into pairs.
  • Assign each pair to a different country and tell the students they are free to explore its learn, play and create pages within the app.
  • When you say “switch”, they need to shift and explore a new country in the app.
  • Repeat this until each pair has seen all countries, or for as much time as your lesson allows.

4. Ask everyone to go to the world map area page. We’re going to play a game in order to summarize what we’ve learned.

  • You say the name of a music instrument/animal/food/etc. The kids will need to find the item in one of the countries in order to win a point.
  • Repeat this and let the kids take turns and challenge each other as well.
  • Another option is to ask “Which instrument is this?”. Play one of the various instruments in the app and let the kids search for the answer. Have fun!