Jazzy World Tour – New Version!

We are excited to kickoff 2017 with a new version release for

Jazzy World Tour – Musical Journey for Kids


Jazzy World Your FREE – Musical Journey for Kids

“Join our two kittens on a magical journey as they travel the world in a hot air balloon. Visit Brazil, Japan, Spain, India, Australia, Ireland, Russia and more, as we explore each country’s unique music and culture.”

The new version is packed with new features. A few highlights are:

– HD video capturing for the create page.
– A new quiz section for each country. Test your knowledge and share the results with your teacher or parent.
– New info and images for the learn page.

We are big believers of culture and music studies as a learning tool to teach kids about diversity and love for our planet. Jazzy World Tour was created with this vision in mind. As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts about our apps. Enjoy!