Elementary Music/Geography/Social studies Lesson plan #3

Target age – 6-10 (1st to 4th grade)

Lesson time : 45 minutes, can also be split into two 45 minute lessons.

Materials – An iPad for each pair in class, with the Jazzy World Tour app installed.


Objective :

The students will be introduced to countries around the world through technology music, food, animals and culture.

Students will learn about the cultural highlights of their assigned country and be able to present these in a creative way.

Teachers should take time familiarize themselves with the Jazzy World Tour app in order to better facilitate the lesson.


Lesson plan:  

1. Give your students have 5-10 minutes to familiarize themselves with the Jazzy World Tour app. Make sure to explain that each country in the app is divided into three main areas: Learn, Play and Create.

  • Explain to the students that they will be using the “Create” feature to make videos.
  • Make sure they understand how to create a video and find it in the travel book.
  • Before moving on, it is recommended that you ask each student to record a 2 second video and show you how they find it in the travel book.

2. Divide the class into teams of 2-3 students. Assign a different country for each group.

  • Each team must create a 20-25 second tourism video commercial for their chosen country. The video must be fun and comprehensive, encouraging tourists to visit the country. It should contain information about the countries’ music, culture, animals and food.
  • Within the groups, it is helpful for students to assign different roles (camera person, narrator, actors/voices, researchers etc).
  • Remind the students that they can make as many video drafts as needed. It is easy to erase videos and retake them on the app.

3. Each group shares their video commercial. If  possible, connect the iPad to a large screen or projector with speakers for the students to see.