Elementary Music/Geography/Social studies Lesson plan #2

Target age – 8-10 (2nd to 4th grade)

Lesson time – 45 minutes, can also be split into two 45 minute lessons.

Materials – An iPad for each pair in class, with Jazzy World Tour iOS app installed.


Objective :

The students will be introduced to countries around the world through technology music, food, animals and culture.

They will be able to locate each of the 10 countries on the map page of the Jazzy World Tour app.

Students will know 3-5 different facts about each of the countries in the app. They will also be able to recognize music instruments from each country by sound.

Teachers should familiarize themselves with the Jazzy World Tour app in order to better facilitate the lesson.


Lesson plan:

1. Give your students have 5-10 minutes to familiarize themselves with the Jazzy World Tour app. Make sure to explain that each country in the app is divided into three main areas: Learn, Play and Create.

2. Ask the students a few questions to determine that they are familiar with the functions of the app.

“How many countries are In the area page?”

“What does the learn feature offer?”

“What does the play feature offer?”

3. Ask the kids to split into pairs or groups of three and assign a country to each group.

  • Each group has 10-15 minutes to prepare a questioner about their country of choice. The questions must be based on information that is in the app and not from general knowledge.
  • When time is up, each group presents its questioner and challenges the others to answer quickly while using the app as reference.
  • The first team to get all the answers wins. Competition always gets the kids engaged. Have fun!