Great app! Easy to use and a great resource. Every mobile musician should have it.”
Matthew Nicholl
Composer/Head of Contemporary Writing Department, Berklee College of Music

The Melody Book has been a fun and useful tool to use with my students in lessons. Both in terms of ear training and knowledge of music history, it is a valuable tool that brings the study of classical music into the 21st century.”
Dennis Malone
Piano Department Chair, Crestwood Music Education Center

The app feature that caught my attention is the unique Melody Search. Now, that’s pretty damn smart.”

The “Classical Melody Book”, provides sheet music of popular classical music for piano, flute, guitar, violin, voice, orchestra and much more, by offering a quick and efficient search along with some amazing features:

Advanced Search Features

Search for sheet music by title, composer, instrument, year it was written, or first few notes of the melody. You can randomly bring up sheet music from the archive. Shake your iPhone to call a tune!

Add, Share and Print Your Music:

The My Music feature allows you to add and share sheet music files to your
Classical Melody Book application. You can create your own archive of sheet music in PDF format, print and share it with anyone!

Melody Search:

Have you ever heard a certain melody but couldn’t recall the name of the tune?
The Classical Melody Book offers a unique search, allowing you to find music by entering the first few notes of the melody. Use the keyboard to play the first 6 notes of the melody. Quick and fun way to find music!

Set Lists:

Easily add sheet music to a Set List to play and share via email. Email your Set List to any user with the Classical Melody Book app and start playing!