Classical Music in the 21st Century: The Melody Book’s New app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Whether you compose music professionally or enjoy playing it as a hobby, the recently released Classical Melody Book app is an exciting new digital tool for mobile users. The app provides hundreds of free sheet music pieces and is available on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Users can quickly search through the entire database of sheet music for piano, flute, guitar, violin, voice, clarinet, and orchestra by name, year, composer, or the first few notes in the theme of the piece.

Giving users the ability to quickly and conveniently retrieve classical arrangements is the foundation of the Classical Melody Book. Devised by and for musicians, the intuitive  and innovative Melody Search saves time, allowing, users to locate a composition by simply entering the first few notes in the theme of the melody along with the time signature and tonality. Melody Search eliminates the frustration of trying to remember the name of a specific piece of music: it does the work, making it easy to always stay organized and prepared.

Another helpful feature is My Music, which allows users to import and archive a file in PDF format, and share it with anyone from anywhere. In addition, the files are actually stored on the device so the music can be sent through email, printed, or accessed remotely. Finally, if you can’t decide on which tune to play, you can shake the device and the Classical Melody Book will randomly Call a tune.

The Classical Melody Book is a valuable and fun tool designed to make performing, studying, and teaching music better for everyone by providing an array of resources. Unlike many of the other apps on the iTunes store, it does not require an Internet connection and can transfer files via a number of digital options. Additional information about the Classical Melody Book, including features and a preview of various screen shots, can be found on the iTunes store:

Currently, the Classical Melody Book is available on the U.S. iTunes store for $4.99, and is priced accordingly in other regions worldwide.

The Melody Book, a New York based software company, focuses on developing and providing quality apps to enhance the mobile user experience for musicians at all levels of ability.

Our new app “Classical Melody Book” is now available on the iTunes store!

We are excited to announce the release of our first app for iPhone and iPad, the Classical Melody Book!
This app provides an extensive archive of famous classical sheet music with some amazing search features and file transfer capabilities. We put much effort into making the Classical Melody Book a user friendly and efficient tool. Please let us know your ideas and thoughts

Get it now at the iTunes store!