A Jazzy Day

Have you heard about The Mozart Effect?

Although this particular study was shown to be exaggerated by the media, other research studies show the positive effects of music education on wellness, brain power and academic performance. The effects are especially beneficial when children are exposed to music education at an early age.

For example, the journal Neurological Research has reported that

Students who were exposed to music-based lessons scored a full 100 percent higher on fractions tests than those who learned in the conventional manner.

Learning how to play an instrument can boost a child’s confidence, too. A McGill University study found that students given piano instruction over a three-year period experienced improved self-esteem.

In our efforts to continue developing educational apps for all musicians, we were inspired by the potential of combining app technology with music for younger audiences. In this current economic climate, the arts and music education are continually at risk of being cut. What better way to supplement your child’s existing musical education than with a fun, accessible app? For example, do your children know what a piano sounds like or what a trumpet looks like?

Our newest release, A Jazzy Day, is an educational tool that showcases music instruments using jazz music, including how sections work together in a jazz ensemble. It’s a great way to help kids learn about music and musical instruments. Hand drawn characters and instruments, along with recordings of live music are animated to help children recognize musical instruments both by sight and by how they sound.

Our goal is to encourage children’s interest in music, and to inspire them to pick up a music instrument and play!


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