10 review questions for A Jazzy Day music app

A Jazzy Day app can be used in many ways as part of your early elementary music curriculum. Whether it’s in the classroom or at home, individually or in small groups, review questions are very useful in reaffirming the material presented in the app. Here are ten questions you can use with your students:


1. Which instruments make up the rhythm section? (Bass, drums, piano and guitar)

2. Name three different saxophone sizes. (Alto, Tenor, Baritone and soprano)

3. Which instrument has keys like a piano, but we play it with sticks called mallets? (Vibraphone)

4. Which brass instrument sounds lower and more mellow than a trumpet? (Trombone)

5. What is the role of the conductor? (Tells the musicians when to start and stop playing. Controls dynamics and tempo of the music)

6. Which instrument has a low plucking sound? (Bass)

7. Name the instruments in the Big Band horn section. (Trumpets, trombones, saxophones)

8. Which woodwind instruments are the saxophone players sometimes asked to play? (Flute and Clarinet)

9. Do the Big Band musicians always play at the same time? Explain. (Playing jazz music is like having a conversation. Sometimes you play and sometimes you listen)

10. Name the instruments that our kitten family plays. (Girl kitten – flute, boy kitten – saxophone, dad – bass)


We’d love to hear your experiences with this lesson plan, enjoy!