A Jazzy Day- Swinging with the Big Band

General FAQ

Q: Do you have an educational discount?
Yes we do. We encourage teachers and educators to enroll to Apple’s Education Volume Purchase Program which allows educational institutions to purchase iOS apps and books in volume and distribute them to students, teachers, administrators etc.

You can find more information about the program here:

Q: How do I navigate between the pages?

Simply tap on the red arrows to move between the pages. 
On every page, tap on the children and animal musician characters to listen to the music and view the animation. “A Jazzy Day” is an interactive app so tap on the characters to play with them!

Q: How do I use the “Learn” page?

Tap on the instruments to listen to the sound. You can also see the instruments’ names on the top of the screen. This is a fun and interactive way to learn about instruments. Additional features include:
* Move the instruments around by dragging them.
* Pinch the instruments to make them bigger.
* Double tap returns the instruments to their initial position.
* And one more thing…. try rotating the instruments!

Q: I can’t hear any sound. What should I do?

1. Please make sure you updated to the latest version of the app (currently 1.1).
2. Check that the iPad/iPhone is not on mute. Look at the side switch (rotation lock), located above the volume buttons, flip it up and make sure it’s not orange.
3. Make sure the volume is up by clicking on the volume button until you see the bars.
If you cannot adjust the volume by tapping on the volume buttons, you can fix it by adjusting the iPad settings.
Go to settings, find General -> Sounds and turn “Change with Buttons” on. The volume should now be adjustable using the hardware buttons.
4. Check the app volume again; it should be working now.

If you are still having issues with sound or anything else please write to us at info@themelodybook.com

Q: How do I change the language in the app?

To change the language go to the device settings -> A Jazzy Day -> Language
Select the language and open the app.